What to Look for in Outsourcing Testing

The manager, who is going to conduct independent testing of the software, should realize that the most successful results can be achieved only if certain conditions are met. The quality of testing is directly related to the volume of information about the product that the developer can pass to the test agency. The more information is provided, the better the test requirements can be prepared, the more defects can be identified. It is clear that organizations with a well-established production process, corresponding, for example, ISO 9001, will receive the maximum benefit.

However, to outsource testing often resorts to those companies where the formalization of the requirements for the software is either not available, or the requirements are documented in a very general way. It should be remembered that in this case, the test agency will need additional efforts and time to get acquainted with the product, therefore it is necessary to plan the work with the testers in advance, without waiting for the end of the coding of the last function in the program. For this reason, it is advisable to find out what method the testers intend to use, what requirements will be imposed on the functionality of the product. A vague answer to this question will cast doubt on the quality of testing.

Another important aspect of working with the test agency is the establishment of a procedure for interaction and information exchange. It is necessary to determine what should be the methods of information transfer, the format of the description of detected defects, the ways of importing / exporting data between the information systems of error accounting and software requirements, ensuring confidentiality, etc. The procedure for managing the testing.

Unfortunately, in this article it is impossible to consider in detail all the issues and problems of interaction with the test agency, you can only give the main directions, which it makes sense to pay attention to the head of IT department responsible for the quality of the software system.