Overview Actual Keylogger - utility for hidden computer surveillance

In the eighties of the last century, the U.S. President Ronald Reagan uttered the phrase "trust but verify", which soon gained immense popularity, going far beyond the problem of disarmament between the two great powers. Many things in the world are held on the balance between control and trust. The examples do not need to go far. Look, you live in a family. Child grows. His education is a balance between the restrictions, rigor and freedom, independence. Every parent determines the balance on his own. Overdid the control and punishment and grow embittered man with complexes, unable to make independent decisions. Excessive freedom also often leads to erroneous ways of development of the child, to drugs, to hasty marriages fail. If we all knew how to educate their children, likely long lived in peace and harmony in the kingdom undivided happiness.

In fact, examples of the relevance of monitoring can think of many. Head must ensure subordinates, so they do not play too much with computers, internet cafe administrator needs to know, what do visitors do not have any of them illegal activity. And even in the state have always been and there are structures whose task is to control the world, ordinary citizens. And there is nothing wrong, okay. In any matters only bring trouble or extreme as it is now fashionable to call and extremism. Everything is good in moderation, including control.

Working at a computer is always risky. Technology can bring together distant people, but also be the cause of strife, family dramas. The computer can be a source of knowledge, but is capable of and zombie, turn normal human scumbags. Well, if there is a wise mentor who can help control the work of other users. You need to have special software that would somehow capture and aggregate information on all operations of the machine.

Actual Keylogger is a covert surveillance tool for your computer. The program allows you to monitor the numerous options of events in the system, saving data into a special log file. Spy activity is inconceivable without stealth. You can not control another person if the control method is transparent and can be easily bypassed. To control was effective, it is necessary to hide the application, that it can not detect. Actual Keylogger allows maximum conspire in the system.