Rent a motorhome. Opportunities that you did not know about

New opportunities for car tourism: renting a motorhome

The expression "mobile home" is becoming more common with the development of caravanning - a special kind of car tourism. More and more people are abandoning the usual trains and planes with the further residence in hotels in favor of houses on wheels. Such cars allow each day to travel long distances and at the same time to relax at any time with maximum comfort. Rent a camper in Moscow will allow you to travel anywhere in Russia, from Karelia to the Black Sea, to spend an unforgettable vacation away from civilization or, on the contrary, to see unfamiliar cities.

Features of caravanning as a type of tourism

Renting a house-trailer or a car with an equipped living body opens up new opportunities for tourists. First and foremost, this is freedom of movement: you do not need to depend on railway and bus routes anymore, as well as resolve issues with accommodation. Caravanning allows you to go in any direction and relax at any time, while urban residents do not have to give up the usual comfort.

A caravan, that is, a car with a trailer or a spacious caravan is not just a vehicle. Inside the body or trailer, everything necessary for life support is installed: kitchen block, toilet shower cabin, refrigerator, furniture - all this allows you not to experience domestic inconvenience while traveling. During the parking you can fully relax, while travelers can provide themselves with hot meals and comply with all hygiene requirements.

Caravanning in Europe allows you to use a developed infrastructure network: in the suburbs and on the roads there are camping sites for caravan parking, so you can fill them with water, drain the waste liquid, charge the batteries, etc. In Russia, this sphere of tourism is just beginning its development, but it quickly Is becoming more popular. So rent a trailer-dachi in Krasnodar will allow you to go to the sea for the whole summer, visiting the most popular tourist attractions.

Advantages of renting a motorhome

Not every family can afford to buy own motor home. In Europe, the cost of a used camper starts from 5000 euros, and new equipped cars are much more expensive. In addition, there will be difficulties with the storage and maintenance of such a machine, it will not be too convenient for tight city streets.

The best solution to the problem will be renting a camper: the car is provided for temporary use at low rates, it will be much cheaper than the usual cost of living and the trip itself on other modes of transport. Hire a motorhome in New Zealand from Just Go motorhomes. Renting a motorhome inexpensively will allow you to visit any city and see with your own eyes the most interesting sights. When choosing campers for rent, you need to focus on a few basic parameters:

• Type of vehicle. There are motorhomes and trailers-villas. The first option is more mobile, but the living space is smaller in size. Equipped trailer is suitable for those who want to travel with long parking without unnecessary haste.• Requirements for comfort. The most convenient are integrated motorhomes with a high level of comfort. Thought-out engineering systems will allow you not to deny yourself all the city conveniences while traveling.• Dimensions of the vehicle. The car is much easier to manage in the city than the trailer, but it still requires very accurate driving.• Financial opportunities. The cost of renting a trailer-dacha and motorhome is very different. But when driving with a caravan, more fuel is spent ..

Rent an integrated motorhome with a unique design and a high level of comfort allows you to travel long distances and enjoy every minute of the journey. Discover the possibilities of caravanning in order to lead a rich and interesting vacation without waste.

How to rent a caravan?

Contact the specialists of our company to choose the vehicles that meet your wishes and financial possibilities. The decoration of the arena does not take much time, it is enough for a minimum of documents. To rent akaravan, fully equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay while traveling, you will not have to buy anything.

To get a camper for rent, you need to decide on the number of days, it is desirable to calculate the time of vacation with a small reserve. To each client, we offer an individual profitable solution, so that the rent becomes the most convenient and affordable. Hundreds of customers have already used our service and spent an unforgettable vacation. The reviews confirm that renting a motorhome is the best solution for a comfortable holiday.