Intelligent software to create DVD copies of films

If necessary, create a backup DVD disc you should choose DVD Ripper. This program is very easy to use, although based on a sufficiently powerful engine. In addition to the basic problem, DVD Ripper will transcode the DVD format to MP3, MPEG, AVI, VDC and others.
New generation of encoders that have been added to the program enable to get a result in the form of audio or video quality materials. A feature of DVD Ripper is the ability to encode two pass. The effect of such innovation is noticeable almost immediately.

The program provides the user a huge range of options and settings, thanks to which it is possible to encode into different formats and even to circumvent the protection on DVD discs. Despite this, the application interface is very simple and intuitive to anyone, even an inexperienced person.

The advantages include pre-conversion mode, and multilingual program, in particular, the English language. Built-in player and delete function audio tracks or subtitles are added DVD Ripper appeal.

During the process of converting DVD Ripper can play the file involved. This conversion process is fully controlled. And the output audio or video file to be broken into pieces and convert only one of them. By the way, if the conversion takes a lot of time, especially in the evening, you can safely go to sleep as DVD Ripper own finished work and shut down the computer.