Indian style wedding photographer: wedding dresses for bride and groom

Earlier Indian bride married only in red sari - a luxurious, gold-embroidered, beads, sequins. Grooms also wore traditional costumes, while the head tied turban. Today, this rule is not always respected, even in India. Grooms often come to her wedding in a European suit with a tuxedo and brides choose wedding dress is any color other than pure white, which is considered in India mourning. You can certainly pick and white outfit, but it should be abundantly embroidered.

Our bride preparing for a wedding in Indian style, can wear traditional Indian saris or to give preference to any other option. Indeed, as has been said, in different states of India weddings are different. Wedding dresses also differ markedly. For example, in the western Indian women wear tops or dresses with pleated skirts lush. If it is a wedding dress, worn on the head of a large embroidered bedspread.

The European version of the wedding dress for a wedding in Indian style might be: form-fitting dress with a form-fitting top and pleated skirt or dress to toe mermaid with short sleeves. Long patterned bedspread in color dresses mounted on the head instead of the traditional veil.

Themed wedding in Indian style

Indian-style wedding dresses

Themed wedding in Indian style

Wedding in India style

On the second day of the wedding, you can choose an outfit Women North India: embroidered tunic and trousers.

Indian bride jewelry at very much. No matter in what dress she marries, her hands must be decorated with a variety of bracelets, symbolizing that she is already married. Also needed earrings and multiple rings. Oriental women are known to shine like a luxury.

The bride can order a painting hands and feet with henna (mehendi)

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