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Fashion Photography is the art

Fashion photography has come in high genre of the service sector. In the beginning of Star Trek genre of fashion photography was close domestic, normal photography on documents and portrait photography. The development of the fashion industry and fashion magazines brought fashion photography to a new level. Now it's not just images with beautiful things and people that advertise consumer goods, and the whole area in which many artists realized. Photos exhibited in museums, original images are buying at auctions for private collections, known publishers publish expensive art albums and anthologies of famous brands. The fashion industry has to offer artists and actors vast resources to implement planned that almost immediately gives them a certain replication, excellent effect on recognition and popularity.

Ellen von Unwerth. Image number 3.Fotografii Ellen von Unwerth
In the history of photography, there is one feature that distinguishes fashion from other photographic genres. Fashion - a kind of chameleon. He can pretend to documentary photography and art photography, take a bit of the movie, the pop-publicized images or counterculture, and finally born wild and striking mix. Here the most important goal - get the viewer's emotional response (often using shock value and call), make want to get what is on the picture, and thus sell the product.

Shooting Harmony Korine
for Urban Outfitters. Image number 11.Semka Harmony Korine for Urban Outfitters
Now, many art and documentary photographers shoot editorialy for glossy magazines. In order to get a brilliant fashion story for the magazine level Vogue, LOVE or Interview, requires not only a good photographer, but a whole team of professionals. This - is a team game. Here nobody has the right to make a mistake. Slip one of the participants can affect the final product more than it might seem at first glance. There is no ingenious fashion shoot done on the knee. Team must be ingenious make-up artists, stylists, models and producers. Of great importance is the period of preparation, when coming up with the story, going clothes and sought the right places. Then, from the hundreds and thousands of frames are selected and brought to the required perfection photographer or person engaged in post-production.

Shot by Terry Richardson
for Sisley. Image number 19.Semka Terry Richardson for Sisley
I'm not interested shooting in which the focus is on unlimited resources. Those in which the rented castles lining extraordinary lush scenery, light trucks prigonyayutcya. In much more interesting to watch stories that make empathize and identify with the characters. Maybe they hurt his provocative, but they should never cause thoughts that you only try to sell an image. The main key here - to understand the target audience and try to come up with a story that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Viviane Sassen. Image number 37.Fotografii Viviane Sassen
When doing a low-budget shoot, do not shoot to invite their best friends. Come up with a concept and match participants strictly under him. Call a friend, get a couple of typical heroes through social networks, through friends of friends, and ideally talk to a modeling agency, where you can find a young and not very experienced girl who has the necessary model parameters. Agencies often go on like bartering - models need new career in professional photography portfolio and photographers are always looking for fresh faces. Persuade or designer showroom fashion apparel, which will be interesting to participate.

It is important to work with models as actresses. Thank you for them - the director shooting. We must learn to explain and disclose the models so that they could play Lolita, darkly sexy vampire, rock star or a frustrated girl sitting at home alone - everything you have planned. Makes sense to do a storyboard before shooting and show it to all participants. As a rule, it must be demonstrated history: what is involved in the bow which scene and the whole scenario of action (eg, Katya and Natasha jumping on a bed in leggings, while Nick pours a bucket of water on them). In general, if you think in advance all the details and if the team will run like clockwork, your chances to stay great pictures grow exponentially, and fatigue after long hours of recording time will be a happy man fatigue.

Photos Margo Ovcharenko. Image number 48.Fotografii Margo Ovcharenko
Since fashion picture should be memorable, and often someone jumps, something sprayed or burns, one of the most important things - it's the focusing speed. Takes the opportunity to make as much per second as possible. Using the Olympus PEN, you have the ability to make all the necessary duplicates quickly. Instead of buying / show / scan film, I advise you to take a digital camera, and the funds that were able to save, spend on rental minivan, which together with the whole team can go somewhere interesting lokeyshn.

Photos Margo Ovcharenko captured on Olympus PEN. Image number 57.Fotografii Margo Ovcharenko captured on Olympus PEN
For the novice photographer otsmatrivat need a huge amount of pictures taken in the genre you are interested. You have to analyze and understand what light where exhibited what flash / reflectors used. Try to repeat these techniques. It's not important assets - you can pull the nylon stockings over the lens to get a pastel image without photoshop, or use the built-in art filters, such as in the Olympus PEN.

If you want to get a picture or photograph of vintage style of Andy Warhol, use filters "Grainy Film" or "Pop Art". "Soft Focus" brings mystery, tenderness and even chastity your model. Ability to install more powerful flares and manual settings will realize all your creative ideas. The main thing - the desire to get a unique picture and put maximum effort and energy to shoot.

Fashion Photography: How to make the first fashion shoot. Image number 3.

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Creative set for fashion photography by Margo Ovcharenko:

Make ictoriyu of five shots of the heroine / hero, creating a modern interpretation of the fairy tale "The Snow Queen". Need to make a few images protagonists of the book: The Snow Queen, Gerda, Rogue, Kai and others.

Be sure to pay attention to the history of performance: style, images of characters, make-up. You can create collages, stop-n-Motion Picture Story and classic stories.