Choosing a domain name for your site

Subjects selected site, and now with "peace of mind" can begin the selection of a domain name for it. Article on choosing a niche you can see here.

Domain name - is the address of your website on the Internet. Knowing him, anyone will be able to find you, by driving it into your browser or search engine. Ideally, the domain should be short, memorable fast, informative. Properly chosen domain name will contribute to the success of the site will provide a high attendance of the resource.

What you need to know about domain name?

Levels of domain names. Domain names are the second, third, etc. level. Here's an example second-level domain (consisting of two words separated by a point), - third (three words) .When building a website is best to choose a second level domain ( Search engines are the most favorable to them and they have more opportunities. For example, if you want to advertise your project on Google Adwors, then referring to the second-level domain CPC will be much smaller and total advertising costs will be lower than in the same case but with a third-level domain.
TLDs (first) level are very different .com, .com, .org. biz, etc.

Domain registrars. Domain names are the 2nd and 3rd levels are recorded in a special company - domain registrar popcentric and hosting provider or developer site. Hosting providers are usually free register third-level domains for their customers when ordering hosting. In some cases, registration hosting hosting companies additionally provide more convenient domain names 2nd level. If you register site on a free hosting, most users will get a free domain name third level type However, this option is suitable more for private use, personal website or online chat. For commercial firm is better to use a more representative domain 2nd level.

Remember that after the creation of the domain name can not be changed already, so I tune in to the fact that this is an important choice. And that, after payment and registration of the domain rather rubbing their hands, consider a few rules
Rules for choosing a domain name.

New sites appear like mushrooms after rain, and knocked the lead - units. To join them, the domain name must differ significantly from the others, be unique and original, and this will help us to the following rules:

Choosing a domain name

A very important point - the semantic load the domain name. Choosing a domain, it is necessary to ensure that the name of the site has been logically justified. In the domain must contain a direct reference to the theme of the Internet resource. Can be placed in the domain name keyword relating to the activities of the firm or company. This will make the domain more convenient for storing clients and visitors.

The domain name should ideally be quickly and easily pronounceable memorable. Do not use the domain complex combinations of letters such as "ya", "zh" easy to confuse them by ear and write a completely different letters - "ia", "j". A good domain name can be easily reproduced at the hearing and does not need to be clarified, that there need to write the letter "k", as USAn "k", and here "s", as the dollar sign. In a good domain name is difficult to avoid spelling error.

Too long a domain name will be remembered with difficulty, so it is best to seek short simple domains. The probability of error when entering the name of the site increases, if it consists of more than 6 letters.

If, however, you must use the long name composed of several words (eg if all simple names are already taken), you can use a hyphen in the name: quite suitable for our site to baleen. Do the words in such names and well in tune with the rhyme. This address will not be forgotten.

A good domain outlines the look of your business or yourself. If you have a brand or you want to create a personal blog, it may be easier to just take the domain name will be the name of your brand, business or your name.

There is a way - to select a domain name on the main key. For example, if shit key site - "the world of cats", the domain name in Latin, will look like - worldofcats. It is believed that this promotes the search engines. Just do not tell whether this is so, but I know that the domain name in bold if it meets user's search query.

Methods of choosing a domain name:

To begin select the most interesting for us names
Take a piece of paper or open a notepad and write there 10-20 names of your future website. Invent. For example: a site about cats,,

Then we need to check the domain name
To do this, go to the site hosting SpaceWeb (you can use any other registrar or hosting) and enter the selected contact names in the field to verify the domain (the top menu of the website). So in your list will appear highlighted names available, about others, alas will have to forget.

Ask the opinion of friends
"Do you think, what name do you like the site, whether it is easy to remember". Sometimes an independent opinion on the health affects your final choice, especially if such views are not one but many.