Bets on DotA 2

Today we look at how to do things on the rate matches Dota 2. As an example, consider a site (I chose this site because it has a convenient rates and pleasant interface). Now everything is in the details:

1) Go to the site itself. I want to draw your attention to friends that the site address should look exactly like this: Not so long ago, it was the site (c feature in the url), which was created by some thugs and used for phishing.
2) Now we need to get authorization on the site. In the upper right corner click the button Authorization dota2lounge. Authorization occurs through Steam, so you have to get on this page:

Select the Zenith team logo and click "Make bet". You may ask why Zenith? The probability that win because Tongfu more? This is the whole point of children, you should always bet on those teams whose odds are less because if you win you get more rarochek. Especially well this method works when you have a lot of the same things. Here's an example: to bet on 3 different match. In each of them put on a team-outsider - whose winning percentage is lower but the odds of things should be 4 to 1. If you guess at least one winner (from my own experience I can say that it happens very often) you will be win as to lose two things and won four, but I want to warn - shit happens, too. If you want to rate on a higher level - analyze tournaments and teams participating in them in full. An example for clarity: the team is out of the group, then it makes no sense to give all the best to the full - a very high probability that they will merge, as always take into account the unforeseen replacement of the team - it certainly is rare, but usually can greatly affect the outcome .
Let us all the same to our rate - After selecting a team in the lower left corner of the site we see the message: Be sure to remember the bot dotalounge "security code". Choose "Add bot and wait." Once it is your turn, the boat will offer you an exchange, before making the exchange and put the clothes compare verification code protection if it does not match, it means some idiot tries to inadequate zakosit a bot and dissolve you, be careful. Please note that your profile settings Steam-account shall be as follows:

Status Profile: Public - visible to everyone on the Internet
Comments: Open - anyone can leave a comment
Inventory: Public - visible to everyone on the Internet
Your status must be: in the network (online)
If you have other settings bot you will not be able to throw an invite to exchange things.

5) Once the bot invite you to make a bet, I suggest you long busy as he may decide that you are afk. You can put up to 4 rags 1 account, think about it - many are betting with multiple accounts. Then agree to the terms of exchange and click "OK".

6) If you did everything correctly, the site go to "My bets", you will find all the information about your rates: the team on which you bet, and the potential winnings.

That's all. Analyze, place, win with